Vasudevan nair was born in this village, to Kurattimala Kunjupennamma and Chediyattu Ayyappakurup on 19 the June 1913 and later he became the world renowned SWAMI ATHURADAS
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The Athurasramam Homoeo  college which swamiji had started about 10 decades back is the first of its kinds in Kerala and a pioneer among the Homoeo colleges in the rest of the country.

Far before launching Homoeo college at Kurichi , swamiji had contacts with   famous homoeo physicians in Calcutta, Swamiji gained much valuable information in this regard from them.  In 1960 swamiji got an invitation to participate in the world homoeopathic meet held at Germany.  This facilitated swamiji to held discussion with homoeo doctors of international repute.    Besides swamiji got an opportunity to see and understand the working of some homoeopathic centers of global repute in England, Scotland, France, and Germany. Swamiji got a chance, when he visited Germany, to visit the homoeopathic hospital founded by Dr. Hahneman who is regarded as the father of homoeopathy, and to go through some of his famous works in homoeopathy and his manuscripts related to homoeopathy.

In 1957 Athurasramam homoeo college was started functioning at Sachivothamapuram in Kottayam District.  Later in 1962 close to the homoeo college  swamiji had commenced a Homoeopathic research centre -- a premier among the similar instititution in the country.

In addition to this about 40 years back His Holiness had started a mental research centre.   The credit of being the sole mental research centre in Homoeopathic sector in entire Asia goes to this prestigious institution in Kurichy.


A new venture in homoeo research, known as Centre Council   for Research in Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy (CCRIMH) is coming up just to the northern side of this research centre. A new building to house this new centre is being constructed there and it is nearing completion.  This is an institution
owned by Central Government.  All these institutions came into being only because of the specific views of swamiji and his ardent will for selfless service to mankind.


For the development of homoeopathic institution fostered by swamiji , together with Dr.R.P.Patel ,the then principal of the Homoeo college , he had conducted studies on the progress in the field of homoeopathic medical service in the   European countries. This was in the early years of 1960.  Swamiji took part in the 24th Global homoeo meet held at Geneva.  In that global meet swamiji delivered a series of lectures on the topic,” the message of homoeopathy to the have-nots”. The all India Homoeo conference held at Kurichy Athurasramam Homoeo college was a noteworthy  event .
In 1978 swamiji had handed over the Homoeo medical college , the hostels and other buildings related to it to the Nair Service Society. A long cherished wish of swamij  was fulfilled when a degree course in homoeopathy had started here in 1993.

Until since the commencement of the Homoeo  college, about 15000 doctors were passed out.  Many of them are serving in central Government institution, some of them are practicing homoeo medicine , some others had become homoeo college principals , homoeo medical officers in state government homoeo establishments and some are practicing abroad..


Under the guidance of swamiji , charitable homoeo dispensaries are functioning in Malampuzha(Palakkad) Kurattimala (Kottayam) and Bhakthanandapuram (Eranakulam) .  Here patients are getting medicine free of cost.

Swamiji had established 19 workingwomen’s hostel in Kerala and Tamilnadu to cater to the accommodation needs of working women whose number is fast increasing day by day. Athuraseva sanghom tops in the number,in case  of working women’s hostels, run by single management. In these hostel’s women are safe and enjoy a homely feeling. These institutions play a conspicuous role in National integration as well as in the matter of social security project for women.  Women from different religion, cast, creed, and walks of life live here as a family.  Thus, it helps to develop a sort of integral feeling among women.

In the field of working women’s hostel Athura seva sangham has a commendable position. Swamiji’s services in this field was subjected to a special reference in the Parliament of India.  Swamiji had been selected as a special invitee to the Central Social Welfare advisory board .
In addition to working women’s hostels, nursery schools, day-care and play- schools have also been started.


Athurasramam Working Women’s hostels at

Sl,No Place District Phone No State


Pulinchode Junction , Aluva,Eranakulam (District)


0484- 2625289



Vyttila,Near O.E.N., Eranakulam (District) Eranakulam 0484- 2301167 Kerala
3 Velloorkunnam, Muvattupuzha Eranakulam 0485-2812042 Kerala
4 Sachivothamapuram,(near-
Kurichy Homoeo college)
Kottayam 0481- 2432717 Kerala
5 Pulinchodu Junction ,
Kottayam 04829 231524 Kerala
6 Peermadu Idukki 04869 232308 Kerala
7 Near Sreekrishna swamy
Idukki 0486 2 224067 Kerala
8 P.M.G. Junction,
Thiruvanathapuram 0471 2309043 Kerala

Near Kottarakara Ganapathy-

Kollam 0474 2454221 Kerala
10 Near municipal stadium,
Kollam 0475 2227601 Kerala
11 West Fort,Mavellikara Alapuzha 0479 2304705 Kerala
12 Kodumthara, Pathanamthitta   Kerala
13 Poonkunnam Trissur 0487 2380778 Kerala
14 Padinjarrenada, Guruvayoor Trissur 0487 2553769 Kerala
15 Kavungal, Malapuram Malapuram 0483 2734823 Kerala
16 Near Mercy college,Palakad Palakad 0491 2543691 Kerala
17 Kanjikode, Palakad Palakad 0491-2803960 Kerlala
18 Kuniyamuthur,Coimbatore Coimbatore 0422 2250128 Tamilnadu
19 Near C.M.S.,Ganapathy Coimbatore 0422 2531409 Tamilnadu


There are two schools functioning under the Athuraseva sangham one at Nanandom, Vaikom and the other at Pathanamthitta.  Here students are getting moral and spiritual training in addition to their ordinary curriculum.


Athuraseva Sangham has an estate at Malampuzha in Palakkad District.  In the field of agriculture also, Athuraseva sangham has its own contribution. Rubber, Areca nut, coconut and medicinal herbs are being cultivated in these estates.  So many agricultural labors   are working here. Here in the Athurasramam Colony, h many landless proletarians have offered shelter.



Sree Bhakthanada asramam , a temple and related establishments at Bhakthanadapuram, Puthenkruz in Eranakulam District, .Sree Bhakthanada Sabari asramam , Moolamattom in Idukki District were established by swamijis  spiritual guru His Holiness  Bhakthanada. Swamiji became the managing trustee of these institutions as desired by his guru (spiritual master)
Many spiritual programs are being conducted in Swamiji’s Asramam at Kurattimala.  Many old aged retired persons have been accommodated here.  So many monks are leading ascetic life here.  There is a Bhajan hall here to conduct spiritual classes and Bhajans.  Central and State Ministers, Bureaucrats, prominent persons from in and abroad etc. used to visit this Asramam.  They were attracted to the services rendered by the Asramam and appreciated its working whole heartedly.


Swamiji wrote a book called “THE WAYS TO HEALTH” published in the year 1948. In this book he elaborates different aspects of naturopathy and milk diet treatment. Swamiji wrote one more book  “Jeevithadarsanam” published in the year 1994……… This book dealt with the topic, how one can lead an ideal and prefect life.

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